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The Ultimate Tile Backer Board Product

Wedi brings New England Tile & Marble an innovative new product line all the way from Germany. The Wedi building products not only mean a better-quality product, but also allow builders to think of new design possibilities that weren’t previously possible. They also offer long-term protection from both moisture and mold, which makes them an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Extremely easy to use, these Wedi products also provide significant energy savings due to their integrated heat insulation.

Wedi building panels are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, which makes them compatible with just about any substructure. Waterproof and lightweight, the panels are easy to clean and cut yet still incredibly strong. They are also bond-friendly for any type of thin-set mortar. The panel cores are made using 100% waterproof and CFC-free extruded polystyrene blue closed cell foam, and the cement resin with embedded mesh reinforcement within them gives the panels even more strength and durability. New England Tile & Marble Inc is proud to provide this innovative new product line to Fairfield County residents. If you have any questions about these Wedi products and whether they’re right for your needs, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Perfectly Suited for the Following

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    Shower Walls & Wet Areas

  • >

    Tub Walls & Enclosures

  • >

    Bathroom Floor Tile

  • >

    Bathroom Wall Tile

  • >

    Bathroom Furniture

  • >

    Under Countertop Surfaces

  • >

    Steam Rooms & Showers

  • >

    Suspended Ceilings

  • >

    Wall & Underfloor Heating Systems

  • >

    Over Concrete Subfloors

  • >

    Over Wooden Subfloors

  • >

    Flush Transitions to Drywall

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedi shower pans can be cut to fit any size opening, making this a full customizable application. After making the cut, installers need to simply recreate the half inch groove on the edge of the pan to lock in Wedi wall panel boards.

A general rule of thumb is to us one tube of sealant per wall panel. Along with one tube for the seam between the shower pan and wall boards.

Wedi has many different sizes to offer. Wedi wall panels are a half inch thick, so butting them up to regular Sheetrock is not an issue. It is important to cover your entire "wet area" with Wedi wall panels to maintain maximum waterproofing protection.

After your plumber has set the trap below the sub-floor, the upright should be cut flesh with the top of your sub-floor. The Wedi pans come with a drain kit, each drain kit has a locking threaded connection that securely connects to the drain piping along with the rubber water-proof gasket.

In addition to the ordinary surface mounted corner shelf option, Wedi offers a variety of inset niches. There are a variety of sizes for the niches, the larger ones include customizable shelves. The niches are completely waterproof and per-formed, they install easily between a standard size will bay with 16'' on center framing.


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